Top 18 Traditional Dress of Odisha with Images For Men & Women

Top 18 Traditional Dress of Odisha with Images For Men & Women

Situated in the eastern district of India by the lovely Bay of Bengal Odisha is one such express that is known for its novel culture and strict populace. The dazzling history, tongues, design, energetic workmanship music and dance structures joined with excellent apparel clothing make Odisha an optimal spot to investigate in India.

Odisha was the milestone for the Kalinga war that was battled by Ashoka the incredible. The conventional dresses of Odisha are dynamic and wonderful.

Odisha had an incredible history and rich culture and all of this is extraordinarily reflected in the apparel and clothing types too. Its old culture is known for its dresses and traditional dance.

Odisha has a ton of antiquated history. Indeed, even Kalinga is the spot which made to change the whole life demeanor of Samrat Ashoka. Here individuals protect their custom and culture. In Odisha, ladies wear various kinds of saris, which makes for sparkling the excellence of ladies.

Odisha is well known for Kataki Sari and Sambalpuri Sari. These sari plans contain exceptionally unconventional plans and appear to be extremely honorable. The greater part of the ladies in Odisha wear these saris during celebration events, Marriage events, and other promising days.

The Main 18 Conventional Dresses in Odisha

Shalwar Kameez is a renowned outfit in India, here the young ladies are likewise inspired by Shalwar Kameez. A few ancestral individuals additionally live in certain areas in Odisha, they have an assortment of dresses to wear.

Subsequently the majority of the ladies in Odisha love to improve themselves by wearing important adornments, extravagant trimmings, and a lot other enhancing gems.

To find out about the customary dresses of Odisha then you are perfectly located. Here we will discuss every one of the various dresses that are generally worn by local people of the state and how even after innovation the conventional dress of Odisha actually sparkles and is being worn proudly by local people.

5 Traditional Dresses of Odisha For Men

Despite the fact that modernization has profoundly cleared away the frenzy for the customary dresses in the young people of Odisha few dresses are as yet worn proudly by the Odisha men. Here is a rundown of the conventional dress of Odisha men that are adored by guys of each age in Odisha.

1. Dhoti


Indian men of various societies and customs wear a dhoti at various occasions. In any case, one thing that separates Odisha's Dhoti is its delightful customary boundary of block tones. Dhoti is one of the most worn customary dresses of Odisha for men and you ought to look at it during your next outing to Odisha.

2. Shambalpuri Kurta:

dhambalpuri kurta

Shambalpuri Kurta is a short variation of your ordinary kurta. It is very well known among the men of Odisha. There is an enormous wide range of shadings and plans for the two youths and grown-ups.

3. Kurta:


As we have referenced over, a Kurta comes in various styles and plans and for the wedding, the greater part of the Odisha men pick an intricate kurta. Men generally pick unbalanced fastened down kurta with an insignificant print design on sleeves and brief measure of interwoven on the lower side.

4. Payjama


The sort and plan of Pajama for the most part rely upon the Kurta. For the most part, the husband to be picks a basic white pajama that supplements the shade of the kurta.

5. Sherwani


Aside from the conventional Kurta Pajama, Sherwani is what many grooms in Odisha love to wear during their wedding. Like different pieces of the country, Sherwani in Odisha can be is a weaved type of Kurta and Pajama.

7 Traditional Dresses of Odisha for Women

Ladies from each culture of India love wearing Saree yet there is generally a catch in the manner she wears it or the plan that connotes their way of life and the equivalent is valid for the conventional dress of Odisha for ladies. Along these lines, right away we should discuss every one of the ladies wearing Odisha.

1. Sambhalpuri Sari

sambalpuri saree

It is a conventional handwoven ikat in which weft and twist are splash-colored before the it is done to wind around process. It is quite possibly the most picked customary dresses by Odisha lady. Ladies of each age simply loves to wear this dress on each event.

2. Khandua Sari

khandua saree

Khandua Saree is one more famous dress among Odisha ladies. This dress has a unique spot in the hearts of Odisha as it is tastefully satisfying and as well as socially extraordinary on the grounds that enhancing the icon of Lord Jagannath is utilized.

3. Odisha Traditional Dress For Bridal

odisha traditional dress for bridal

Most of ladies in Oriya wear the generally hung yellow saree with flaring red boundaries that have boula Patta side work in it. Yet, most current ladies typically really like to embellish sarees, for example, Benarasi or Kanjeevaram, another famous pick is the Ikkat a nearby silk saree.

4. Dupatta or Uttariyo:

dupatta or uttariyo

An Uttariyo is one more required piece of a lady of the hour's dress in Odisha. The lady wears a long piece of fabric to cover the head. The zari work on the material makes it very venerating. The matching headgear makes this whole look significantly more alluring.

5. Shanka Palaa

shanka palaa

Shanka Palaa is an extra frill that ladies in Odisha wear. The female wears a couple of red and white bangle on two hands. In many pieces of Odisha Shanka (Red Bangles) is compulsory while the white ones contrast well.

6. Tanta Cotton of Baleswar:

tanta cotton of baleswar

Tanta cotton sarees brand made in the Baleswar region of Odisha is one more wedding clothing choice that numerous ladies in Odisha pick nowadays.

7. Odissi Costume:

odissi costume

You could realize that Odissi is one of the traditional moves of India. The gems worn during the dance structure is appealing. These trimmings embellish the head, ear, neck, hands, fingers, and abdomen of the artist.

The adornments incorporate a choker, 'bahichudi' or anklets, ringers,' tayila kapa ' (armlets), (hoops) and a ' kankana ',' padakatilaka ' (wristbands), a ' (a long neckband), mekhalaa ' seenthi ' ' (belt), (decoration work on the hair and brow).

These adornments are of normal unlined silver and gold. Individuals of the Cuttack city of Orissa state are significantly engaged with making this craftsmanship. In excess of 100 families in Cuttack city produce different examples of filigree gems.

6 Conventional Extras in Odisha:

1. Neck Ring

neck ring odisha

With cleaned shapes, these round metallic components add a hint of strength to each ancestral lady. Known as Kondh and Hansuli by Kagdang Oraon by Kutia, Kagudika Kondh by Dongra, these things supplement the collar bone as well as emphasize their outfit. Not only a couple of, ladies for the most part really like to wear a great deal of them all at once!

2. Jewelry


By adding a breathtaking energy to the ancestral pattern, these look astounding on an ancestral lady. Clothing bright neckbands are it with various shades or metal dabs and, surprisingly, matched with coins of extravagant charms, these rich accessories are incredibly inconspicuous and fashionable.

3. Nose Ring

nose ring

To give a tense look, these nose rings are awesome. Septum rings are. Besides the fact that these rings give a tasteful bend to the ancestral look of ladies yet in addition portray their persona charm!

4. Anklet:


With the mixture of style and tastefulness, these ancestral anklets ignite the appeal of one character. Tended to as Andu, Khadu, Pairi, Kalpati, or Panhari by various clans, these elegant anklets make their own special style and are a positive pick for any season.

5. Earrings:


The pattern is to commonly stack too many band rings on the upper ear! Aside from being fascinating, these hoops mirror the way of life of the itinerant and daring way of life of ancestral ladies!

6. Filigree:


The filigree adornments is especially wealthy in designs. In, the pressure is on arm adornments, pieces of jewelry, toe rings, and particularly anklets, which are Odisha an extraordinary #1. Filigree is favorable and really appealing. Individuals consolidate complicated anklets and semiprecious stones for more refined look.

Primary Concern:

In this way, these are a portion of the conventional dresses of Odisha that exhibit its way of life and magnificence. Ensure you look at them on your next outing to Odisha.

Do remark on your number one look or embellishment. Each culture has its various shadings and example which make the specific style novel and unique.

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