Top 10 Best Inner Wear Brands In India

Top 10 Best Inner Wear Brands In India

Every person wears underwear. This is social etiquette. It is also thought to be a reason for a better personality because it protects your private parts while also providing comfort.

This is why many companies produce innerwear for both men and women. General stores and shopping malls have their own stores where you can buy innerwear for both men and women.

Innerwear is like a second skin and requires special care. It is necessary to wear the appropriate innerwear to complement one's clothing and body type. Seamless panties are required for linen pants and satin trousers, and high waist panties make women's bodies look more flattering for evening body-hugging clothes and dresses.

In addition, low waist panties and bikinis are ideal for wearing short tops and low waist pants. These items are intended for women who want their innerwear to be sexy and humorous.

We have compiled a list of the top ten best innerwear brands in India with fashion-conscious women and men in mind. These companies have introduced a variety of innerwear that holds fat and body short panties.

Extra coverage is provided by the body's short panties. Innerwear is available in a variety of fabrics, including prints, plains, and laces, to suit a variety of tastes.

Here Are Top 10 Inner Wear Brands In India.



If comfort is your style statement, Jockey is one of the most popular innerwear brands. Women's panties come in a variety of styles, including French cut, bikini, thong, brief, and many more. Cotton panties are the most well-known type.

These panties are long-lasting and gentle on the skin. They come in a variety of colours and prints. These women's pants feature a lace and star print. It provides adequate coverage for your bums.

It is also a global brand for men. As sales increase, this is a very popular brand. It is very durable and comfortable for both men and women. The fabric's quality is unrivaled, and both men and women are addicted to it.



It is the largest online innerwear store, with a wide range of innerwear for women. For zero to full coverage panties, you can find sexy panties, bikinis, work wear panties, and cheekinis.

Hipster panties, low waist panties, and full coverage panties are also available. All of the small and large size panties are available in the online store. The innerwear is made of breathable and soft cotton fabric, making it ideal for all weather conditions.



It is the oldest and Indian brand that is made for Indian men. It offers stylish and comfortable innerwear such as underwear. They are available for young boys and men. It comes in stylish fabric with vibrant colors. It is popular and available in every part of India. Many Bollywood actors also endorse Rupa underwear brand.

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Clovia has innerwear such as panty to suit your needs and style, whether you want comfortable cotton hipsters, boy short panties, or lacy bikini briefs. Clovia sells animal print thongs as well. It provides a variety of styles and fits, as well as a lingerie brand.



This is a leading brand that is fashionable, common, and comfortable. It includes brief segments and boxers. Hanes manufactures and sells this brand of hot cake. In India, it is a well-known and popular selling brand.



It is designer brand lingerie at an affordable price. It has a wide selection of panties that are ideal for young Indian women. If you want to feel sexy while shopping for stylish panties, consider lace panties, sheer panties, ultra-low waist bikinis, microfiber panties, and embroidered thongs. They also produce unique print panties, such as animal and cartoon prints.

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Calvin Klein

calvin klein

This men's innerwear comes in a variety of patterns and styles. It is an expensive and well-known brand. This brand is popular among young boys and men. They frequently wear it as a visible brand inside jeans. This is a well-known brand made of high-quality fabric. If you want to look good, you should try this brand.



It is an international brand with global appeal. It is a high-end lingerie brand that can be found in a variety of exclusive stores. They can be found in in-house retail and exclusive lingerie stores.

They can also be found in multi-brand stores like Shoppers Stop and Lifestyle. They make a wide range of panties, including body shapers and tummy trucker panties. It's a trendy brand with sexy panties in prints, embroideries, and laces.

Tommy Hilfiger

tommy hilfiger

It is yet another outstanding brand. This brand manufactures clothing and has stores in every city in India. This brand also has a large selection of men's underwear. They are available in all stores at varying prices. This well-known brand manufactures high-quality fabric.

Pretty Secrets

pretty secrets

This brand has transformed the way Indian women shop for and wear lingerie. This brand caters to the needs of every Indian woman. The designs are sexy, fashionable, and alluring.

They are suitable for all Indian body types. They have a large selection of panties. Their net and lace panties are a big hit, and the thong is super soft. They are ideal for everyday use.

As a result, we have discussed the top ten best innerwear brands in India for both men and women. These are India's top innerwear brands. You can also conduct your own research before making a purchase in the market.

You can purchase any of the brands mentioned above. Because there are so many brands on the market, you must know what your needs are. You should also consider your budget before purchasing innerwear brands in India.

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