Top 10 Best Helmet Brands In India You Should Know

Top 10 Best Helmet Brands In India You Should Know

It is said that everyone's primary concern should be safety and security. When it comes to bike rides, our main concern should be wearing a helmet. Unfortunately, only a small number of people are concerned about this. Do you know how many bike accidents occur in India?

According to an RTI, nearly three lakh people are killed in motorcycle accidents in India. India has one of the highest rates of motorcycle accidents in the world. As a result, it is critical to ride a bike while wearing a helmet.

Top Bike Helmet Brands In India:


vega bike helmet

Vega is one of the leading helmet brands in India, enthralling Indian consumers with their diverse helmet collections. The company's headquarters are in the state of Bangalore.

According to a survey, when it comes to helmet pricing, nearly 60% of Indians choose this brand based on customer preference. In general, the brand never compromises product quality. The following are the brand's specialties:

Streel Bird:

steelbird bike helmet

This is yet another well-known helmet brand in the Indian market. The Indian consumer was overwhelmed by the product. Another significant aspect of the brand is that it is one of the oldest in India.

The brand was established in 1964. Back then, the brand offered a variety of helmets that were both affordable and dependable.

The people of India admired this product because it offers some low-cost helmets starting at 600 rupees. The following are the brand's specialties:


studs bike helmet

Studs is a well-known brand in the Indian helmet market. The brand offers helmets that are dependable, affordable, and fashionable. As a result, the people of India began to fall in love with this brand.

Those who enjoy wearing fabulously designed helmets, in particular, prefer helmets made by this brand. Furthermore, the brand has brought many exclusive ideas to provide enticing helmets to Indian consumers. Even today, Stud exports its helmets to the Western market.

As a result of bringing innovation and exclusivity, it became a globally recognized brand. The following are the brand's specialties:


LS2: Bike helmet

A magnificent brand that enchants the Indian market by providing the best Helmets to the people of India. Indians have appreciated and informed the brand over the years because it has served the Indian masses with supreme and premier quality.

Essentially, the brand was founded in the year 1990. It has been serving people with its many unique benefits since then. This band is well-known not only in India but also throughout the world for its high-quality products.

The brand offers helmets that are relatively expensive, yet customer-friendly, and are generally well-liked by customers. The brand's specifications are as follows:



Although Wrangler is a US brand, common Indian bikers adorn this brand extensively. Initially, the brand was founded with the intention of producing clothing. However, after some time, they entered the helmet market and began to produce some enticing helmets.

As a result, the brand experienced significant market success. This company provides premium helmets to their customers in order to keep them safe. The brand's specifications are as follows:

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Royal Enfield Helmets:

royal enfield helmets

Royal Enfield Helmets is a high-quality brand that has grown in popularity since the introduction of the Royal Enfield motorcycle to the market. If you are riding a Royal Enfield motorcycle, you must wear the Royal Enfield Helmet. Because the combination of both of them looks so dashing and amazing while riding the bike on the road.

Furthermore, when discussing the benefits of this brand, we must mention that the brand provides superior support for high-speed rides. The brand's specifications include the following:


titan helmets

Titan is a great and dominant brand that ranks high on the Helmet priority list in India. Titan begins its helmet-trade journey in 1998, when it creates a new sub-brand known as fast-track.

Fastrack entered the market with a variety of designs and eventually wiped out all other brands. The Indian people appreciated and valued the brand above and beyond the brand's expectations.

The brand creates its helmets with some extensive curves that customers find quite impressive. The Fastrack brand's specifications are as follows:


aerostar helmets

Aerostar is a massive brand that provides numerous opportunities to Indian customers. In the Indian market, this is also a well-known brand. The brand quickly established a strong reputation for its premium and high-quality products. Rajasthan is home to the brand's manufacturing facility.

If you are a buyer looking for affordable and cost-effective helmet options, this brand may be the only viable option that fits your cart. The brand's specifications are as follows:

Shoei Helmets:

shoei helmets

Shoei is one of the top brands in the Indian market, producing top and premium quality helmets for Indian bike riders. Basically, this Japan-based helmet manufacturing company began operations in 1959.

Since then, the company has provided high-end helmets to customers all over the world. The brand gained enormous popularity in India in the same way it gained worldwide popularity.

The brand is well-known for its stylish and elegant long-lasting helmets. The brand's specifications are as follows:


gliders helmets

One of the top market leaders in the Indian market, providing specifications such as safety, security, cost-effectiveness, and price to Indian consumers. When it comes to providing safety and security, few brands can compete with Glider.

There is a high-quality team at their brand, and that team is responsible for manufacturing high-quality brands. Its extensive protective features can even save the most skilled bike riders.

All of the information about the top helmet brands in India is provided above. Indeed, this information will assist you in deciding on the best helmet for your needs.

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