Top 10 Best Extension Wire Brands In India

Top 10 Best Extension Wire Brands In India

Our human life in the modern era of technological evolution is entirely dependent on various types of electronics. From the beginning to the end of the day, we use various types of electronic devices to carry out our daily activities.

Best Extension Wire Brands In India

To continue with all of the electronic usage, there are many instances where we experience numerous problems due to a lack of plug points.

In the meantime, we can easily solve this problem by using extension wires from top brands. All of India's top extension wire brands are discussed below.



When it comes to durability and dependability, Bajaj is one of the most dependable brands.

Without a doubt, Bajaj serves India with high-quality electronics. When it comes to electronic extension wires, Bajaj extension wires come in handy in a variety of ways.

In addition, Bajaj's extension cord has a lot of sockets. With so many outlets, it also ensures electricity savings, among other advantages.

That is something you will not find in other types of extension wires. The extension wires are equipped with fuse protectors, which help to eliminate the sudden surge.

The item is not only built with fuse protectors, but it also includes fire-retardant cables.



Havells will be an excellent choice for buyers looking for extension cords to avoid an overload situation.

Havells is one of India's most trusted brands. Havells created a variety of electronic products that are extremely useful to customers.

One of them is extension wires, which provide the best service to the people.

Havells Extension wires are both durable and ergonomically designed. This product also includes effective surge protection.

Aside from that, there are numerous multiple plug tops with numerous replaceable fuses for overload protection.



Hilex is also a popular brand in recent years. This is yet another brand that provides the best service to customers through their selection of electronic accessories. People are very pleased with their accessories.

Customers benefit from their dependability and durability. Aside from that, their products are extremely affordable.

If you are a customer looking for a cost-effective electronic wire brand, Hilex may be the best brand for you.

It has a long power cord and a lightweight compact design.



Belkin is a top-tier brand in India that offers numerous benefits to its customers. It, like many other well-known brands, manufactures a wide range of electronic equipment for its customers.

The way another well-known brand serves customers by providing special benefits in this manner also serves customers in this manner.

Individuals benefit from Belkin's major specifications such as multiple charging options one on, universal socket, durable body, and so on.

Aside from that, its premium specifications, such as highly durable ABS material, keep you safe from power fluctuations and surges.



Digiway is another well-known brand in India that has been producing electronic goods for a long time. Digiway offers a multi-socket, multi-plugging option designed for continuous heavy use.

It protects people from electric fuses using sophisticated materials and high-grade materials.

Because it was constructed with high-quality materials, it was more dependable, rigid, and strong. It also has many breakage-free specifications.

Customers can benefit greatly from features that are too versatile. In fact, this brand is excellent in terms of providing customers with safety and security.



Have you looked into new options for purchasing the new extension wire? Maybe you've already used a lot of Brands for that.

But you're not equipped with that. Appucoco has risen in the market by offering the highest quality products available.

When it comes to durability and dependability, no product can compete with Appucoco. Aside from that, it is built with many other features that may be appealing to you.


Skies is also a leading brand in our industry. Skies offers a variety of services by bringing a variety of low-cost equipment accessories.

This brand has a lot of creative designers who have multitasking extensions and a lot of switch light indicators.

This spikes with surge protection is also suitable for many other devices.

You can use this to charge your mobile chargers, computers, DVDs, and cooking items. Shyam system industries created this brand specifically for them.

That is why, before purchasing, you should be aware that some duplicate items are on the market.

GM Modular:


Another best brand in India is GM Modular, which has an ultra-smooth rotation with many international sockets and an indicator.

It is also equipped with numerous cable guides, which aid in preventing damage from excessive insulation.

The ergonomic designs also give the product a stunning appearance. Aside from that, you can find this product in a variety of colours and specifications.

Live Tech:


Live Tech is one of India's most prestigious and well-known brands. In comparison to other Indian brands, the brand is more sophisticated.

The first and most important specification is that this brand is CE and ROHS certified as one of the best electronic accessories in India.

This product is very useful for high power consumption applications.

High-speed charging, fire resistance USB chargeable option, high-quality copper wire, heavy-duty power-consuming assistance equipment such as AC, Geysers, Refrigerators power support option distinguishes this extension wire from others.



You've probably noticed that the extension wires become inactive after a while.

They are unable to provide the level of connectivity that you require. Do you know that a company called Syska may be able to provide you with what you truly deserve?

Yes, this brand has indicated many programmes, such as providing its customers with a minimum guarantee period.

In addition, it has surge and fuse protection. Along with its multidimensional appeal, it astounds the entire Indian customer base.

In the preceding list, we have included all of the top brands in India that can provide the best charging experience.

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